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As you know, Webring has now joined with Yahoo. This has caused numerous problems in the original "Art is Art" webring configuration. I am in the process of switching the ring to CrickRock Webrings. All new applications to the ring will be submitted through CrickRock Webrings. I apologize for any inconvenience to the current members.

APPLY for the Art is Art Webring!

This webring is dedicated to giving high visibility to artists who create paintings on canvas
and ther two-dimensional mediums (paper, wood). By no means does this imply that we think
three-dimensional works are NOT art. There are many wonderful sites on the web dedicated to other forms of art
such as scuplture and computer generated artwork. However, this webring focuses on paintings.

We are not looking for "carbon copy" artwork that can be purchased in any department store. Rather,
we seek to expose the internet community to "one-of-a-kind" original artwork. If you have developed a unique
style, we would like to include you in the "Art is Art" webring. Use the form below to submit your site for consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: Sites with adult content, foul language, hate, or bigotry will NOT be included in the ring.
In addition, we require that, if the site is not in English, you have an English translation. (We prefer personal
sites, but will not immediately discard sites that promote other artists).

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After you have placed the HTML fragment on your page, it should look like one of the below.
If not, please, check the code to see what you might have done wrong. (For example, if you use Front Page
or Netscape Composer to edit your pages, the code may be altered and will not work properly).

Art is Art
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Art is Art
made possible by CrickRock Webrings.

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Once the HTML code and graphic are in place on your site, you MUST email me so I can visit your site.
Remember to include your site ID number and url. You will be notified when your site is added to the ring.

** Member sites in the "Art is Art" ring are subject to periodic review. **
** Sites not meeting the guidelines will be removed from the ring! **

If you move your webring code from its original location, do not forget to UPDATE YOUR PROFILE to include
the correct URL!

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